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Using Hires360 you can find and zero in fast on the right talent without going through a slew of emails.Dont lose out on valuable time and promising applicants to your email inbox.Save your email inbox for all the other important things you have to do - leave the hiring to us ! Hires360 helps fast-growing companies attract, engage and hire the right person for the job-which helps building committed teams.

Complete Hiring

Hires360 allows great collaboration to find the right candidate. Screen, schedule, interviews , offer , onboarding all under one roof.

Candidate Pre-Screening using
Inbuilt exams in library and Questionnaire.

Here's what the customers are saying

"Hires360 helped us to publish our job on multiple sites .This saved us a lot of time in finding candidates in our electronics domain."Anil Desai, Spectron Pvt Ltd.Anil  Desai
"Simple and intuitive - I was able to quickly get a job out.My prescreening efforts were greatly saved with exams and questionnaires provided by Hires360."Nand Jha, Nimble NobleNand Jha
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Resume management & Pre-Screening

Hires360 helps source resumes from emails into specific Job Requisition or into a Talent pool. Hires360 provides dedicated Agency portal and Referral portal to integrate and collaborate. Candidate Pre-Screening using Inbuilt exams in library and Questionnaire.

Publish job

Broadcast your job on popular job boards & social networks. Hires360 helps create customized job portal and publishes jobs to your career site to attract talent.

Job management

Define approval workflow.Hires360 can be used to assign different roles ( Hiring manager and Recruiter) to a Job Requisition or only a single role. Embed job portal widgets.

Applicant tracking

Drag & Drop applicants (Flexible workflow). Capture Interviewer feedback & rating.Arrange Interview with respective Inteviewer.Compare applicants before Release Offer.

Career Site

Publish job to
your company.hires360.com.Add widget to your company career site.Customize your company logo on your company.hires360.com.

Analytics & Reports

How has your recruiting team been doing ? Are we effective ? what about our employees - who are the best sources of referrals ? Answers to these and many more questions are built into Hires360 analytics.

Immediate Benefits

Monitor and measure recruiting effectiveness

Take informed decisions. Dice and slice data to get a complete picture. Find your best recruiting sources .... and your worst!

Maximize Conversion Rates

Spend time and energy on candidates that matter. Separate the wheat from the chaff using prescreening features like Exams and Questionnaires .Focus on only those that matter. Do more with less!

Post jobs on multiple channels

With a single click post your job to multiple job boards , social networking sites , collaborate with staffing agencies , employee referrals and your very own job board.

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